Nail enhancement

Nail-a-Holics Chip Free

Manicure (french)120 AED(130 AED)
Pedicure (french)140 AED(150 AED)
Removal only, hands or feet60 AED
Removal adds-on, hands or feet30 AED

The extended beauty

Natural Gel set/Acrylic tip set180 AED
Natural Gel or Acrylic tips refill(French)190 AED(225 AED)
Sculpting set Gel or Acrylic(French)300 AED(350 AED)
Sculpting refill(French)190 AED(225 AED)
Overlay Gel or Acrylic(French)200 AED(225 AED)
Tips set with polish180 AED
Gel or Acrylic repair, per nail35 AED
Additional Gel polish(French)90 AED(100 AED)
Full set removal Gel/Acrylic125 AED
Removal per nail Gel /Acrylic30 AED